E-Bike Advice

This is the bare bones beginning of a new section that will hopefully have handy tips and tricks we’ve learned.

Ride your bike responsibly. You aren’t allowed to ride on the sidewalk, neither are regular, (adult), bicycles. (Metro Police Service)

In Toronto you aren’t allowed to ride your E-Bike (in “powered mode”) on any trails that run through park lands. (Metro Parks)

Obey the rules of the road. Ride with absolute situational awareness. (Canada Cycle Safety School)

On dry roads, you’ll want to brake 70% front / 30% rear. On wet roads and in rain, its 50% front and rear equally. (Canada Cycle Safety School).

Chargers must not be stored in sub-freezing environments. This will change the electrical characteristics of the components; IC’s MOSFET’s, etc. which can cause a serious malfunction. (Veloteq).

Always attach the charger plug to the power supply charging intput before connecting to the AC source. Connection to the AC source before connecting to the charger can cause a spark. (Veloteq).


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