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Mobility Unlimited …. heros?

May 29, 2008

Last year my next door neighbor saw my first ebike, (a Veloteq) and … took my lead.  He went and got himself a bike. He, (okay, his name is Michael), stored his bike outside over Winter and of course, it died.

Cut to now.  Michael called the dealer, (Segway of Ontario), who called the distributor, (Daymak), who… did nothing. Michael then called Mobility Unlimited on Gerrard Street.  They came, (yes, came), and fixed his battery for him and did it cheep too.  

Mobility Unlimited – you guys are heros.
Yes – I watch too much Colbert 🙂 


EVT goes pftzzzzzz…

May 25, 2008

Want to know what happens if/when you leave your charger on too long?  Read this blog entry from a Vancouver Ebike dealer.  

Lesson learned?  Use a timer.

Battery got you down?

May 18, 2008

I keep hearing from people, (especially Daymak owners), about how their batteries are failing.  Perhaps its our cold Canadian Winters, or maybe folks aren’t following instructions.

My advice; use the Battery Tender.  This device can stay plugged in all the time and will keep your 12volt battery in tip-top shape.  $60’ish from most motorcycle stores.

NOTE: This is NOT NOT NOT the same as a trickle charger.  This is a very smart device.  Great for cars, motorcycles, boats… anything with a 12volt battery

Bionx at the Greener Living Show

April 27, 2008

I visited the Greener Living Show yesterday, it was not so busy with the TTC Strike.  I saw Daymak, Blue Avenue and DewDad… I saw a couple of new guys too, like Airstream.  Same old same old.

What stuck me the most was the display, (and test ride), by Bionx.  Wow!  Now I know why they cost what they cost.  What an amazing technology.  With real regenerative power, breaking sensors and selectable power assist ratios you really are getting bla bla bla … I have to write more before I press the “publish” button.

What would you’all think if…

April 10, 2008

I’m having some issues with riding an Ebike, some of which I’ve aired here, most I’ve kept to myself.

I’m considering going gas. I find that I need to travel further than an Ebike can take me and I’m constantly terrified about the liability issues should I have an accident.

What do you’ll think?