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350 watts is not 500 watts

April 21, 2008

What’s with all the low watt scooters?  Check out the dry-weight specifications on the multi-branded scooters and then look at the motors, and ya wonder, where’s the watts?

No, seriously.  There are lots and lots of scooters on the roads downtown, I seem them everywhere and while there are a bunch of 500 watt models, there are way more 350 watt’ers.  And most of the time, those 350 watt’ers are going way slow, like, scary slow.

One of my fear factor moments is heading north on Don Mills Road, in a posted 60 Km/h zone and the traffic doing an average of 72 Km/h.  Not a happy place to be during rush hour.  My other favorite is the hill that goes around Casa Loma…. peddle peddle peddle.


Lock or Alarm … or both?

April 16, 2008

We all lock our bikes, right?  But how?  Most bikes have a steering lock, some even have a hub lock so the wheel can’t spin.  Pictured above is the Master Lock “Street Cuff” – a CDN$200 lock with $5000 insurance against theft.  Available from a fine Canadian company; Scooter and Moped Parts (DOT com)

My question…. is an alarm really a deterrent?



April 6, 2008

So yes, I’m updating the blog and I’ve received a comment; “how do you post a new topic?” You don’t. Its my blog. I welcome your comments and, in truth, I’d love your ideas for topics too.  At some point I’d like to make an Ebike Wiki so that we can pool our collective knowledge.  At some point I’d like to drive George Clooney’s electric car, (the world’s fastest urban car).

What else is new? I’m updating the dealer section, marking the dead links as, dead, and adding new ones as I find/hear about them.

Nice day for riding, wasn’t it?

Spot the cup holder

April 5, 2008

Nice day for riding, eh?  I was out on my Daymak today and I had the urge for a double double.  Can you spot the cup holder?



250+ per day (and growing)

June 7, 2007

Two milestones today:
This web-blog is averaging 250+ individual visitors every day, wow.

While walking only six blocks along the Danforth, (in Greektown), I spotted three Veloteqs, (one Red Commuter with 270 Km and no peddles), a Schwinn and a Malta. That’s five Ebikes in six blocks.

Another Another Retailer…

June 3, 2007

Those West-end folk get itchy when you pay attention to the East-end folk.

Welcome, from Markham, (which I really think isn’t Toronto at all), Rogue Electrics.

It seems to be the same products as Blue Avenue on Queen Street.

Another retailer…

June 1, 2007

Is Scarborough Toronto? It depends on who you ask and where you ask them.

If you’re near Scarbourough and you want to check out a great selection of Ebikes, go no further than DewDad.