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You pay ‘ur money….

May 23, 2007

I have now personally seen and ridden every darn e-bike there is in this town for sale today, and as of this writing, I now know for sure; I made a great choice in getting a Veloteq E-Bike. (more…)


1000 Km

May 21, 2007

dsc_0006_2.jpgMy odometer is about to turn 1000. The big 1K – any ideas on how to celebrate?

At this point, I figure I’ve spent $9.00 to go this 1000 Km… and that’s probably higher that the average as I use renewable sourced energy from Bullfrog.

The bike continues to be perfect! I still think the brakes suck, (I’d prefer a front disk), but everything is still awesome at 1K.

The image is me going uphill @ 32Km/hr

$25 OFF @ Segway of Ontario

May 8, 2007

giftcert25.jpgMention this website “Toronto Ebike Rider” to the kind folk at Segway of Ontairo and get $25 off your next Ebike purchase. Vote for Pedro!