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350 watts is not 500 watts

April 21, 2008

What’s with all the low watt scooters?  Check out the dry-weight specifications on the multi-branded scooters and then look at the motors, and ya wonder, where’s the watts?

No, seriously.  There are lots and lots of scooters on the roads downtown, I seem them everywhere and while there are a bunch of 500 watt models, there are way more 350 watt’ers.  And most of the time, those 350 watt’ers are going way slow, like, scary slow.

One of my fear factor moments is heading north on Don Mills Road, in a posted 60 Km/h zone and the traffic doing an average of 72 Km/h.  Not a happy place to be during rush hour.  My other favorite is the hill that goes around Casa Loma…. peddle peddle peddle.


2nd Traffic Stop

May 25, 2007

legopolice.jpgI was stopped again, for the 2nd time. I was in the bike lane going North on Spadina, just past Dundas. With all that construction you fly by the cars 🙂

This time around, I was ready. Before the officer was out of the car I had my binder out of the trunk with my laminated MTO, HTA and DOT info. I handed the officer my driver’s license and asked, kindly, if he had any questions.

I was away in 3 minutes.

A wag of my finger to those dealers telling riders that you can E-ride without peddles installed, or without the appropriate DOT stickers, shame.

No Ebikes in the Park!

May 14, 2007

m_750xa.jpgAfter joea500c’s post about being charged for riding his Ebike on a trail I did some checking at city hall, specifically the parks dept and the municipal by-laws office.

Long long long story short: Here in Toronto you can’t operate a power-assistd Ebike in park or on a bike trail that runs through a park. Peddle-assit is okay, as long as the on/off switch is clearly in the off position.

Now – by my rough calculations, that means that more that 50% of Toronto’s bike routes which runs though park land is closed to Ebike riders.

So much for trial-riding on one of these military air-droppable electric bikes.

May 15 – Update
I received the following message from the Toronto Parks Board:

The Parks by-law considers the above vehicles to be a “Motorized Recreational Vehicle” and therefore are not allowed in City parklands, with the exception of electric wheel chairs for handicap and the elderly. I have also included the definition of a bicycle and a motorized recreational vehicle under the Parks by-law # 608.

BICYCLE – Includes a tricycle and unicycle but does not include a motor-assisted bicycle.

MOTORIZED RECREATIONAL VEHICLE – A snowmobile, go-cart, trail bike, mini bike, all-terrain vehicle, or similar vehicle, whatever the mode of power.

1st Angry Cyclist

April 28, 2007

384.jpgSo I’m on my Veloteq E-Bike on College Street, in the bike lane, stopped at a stop light when a really angry guy screeches up on his bike, huffin’ and puffin’, red in the face, and spits out:

“if you ain’t going to ride that like a bike, get out of the *$%&ing bike lane”

I replied, as kindly as I could, if he knew where his helmet was?…..

Hills my E-Bike doesn’t like

April 21, 2007

1_cant_be_that_steep_420×270.jpgWe were talking in another post about how useless our pedals were. That was before I tried some hill climbing on my bike.

No – this is not San Francisco, and I’m glad it’s not! There are some hills round here that my bike doesn’t want to haul my 180 lb body up without peddling. So far:

  • The hill that goes around Spadina Road as it snakes around Casa Loma.
  • Pottery Road, from Bayview Avenue to Broadview Avenue.
  • 1st Traffic Stop

    April 10, 2007

    legopolice.jpgOn my way home from the Segway Store, (got my brakes adjusted), I was pulled over on River Street, just north of Dundas, (going North). In fact, I was in the bike lane 🙂 (more…)