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Lock or Alarm … or both?

April 16, 2008

We all lock our bikes, right?  But how?  Most bikes have a steering lock, some even have a hub lock so the wheel can’t spin.  Pictured above is the Master Lock “Street Cuff” – a CDN$200 lock with $5000 insurance against theft.  Available from a fine Canadian company; Scooter and Moped Parts (DOT com)

My question…. is an alarm really a deterrent?



Schwinn Review

April 10, 2008

The following is a contribution from reader Chris B.
The Schwinn from Canadian Tire @ $500 is a real steal.  I spent about 2-weeks researching and visiting about 15 bike shops.  There was nothing under $1000 as-far-as e-bikes went, and the Bion-X kit that I would need (being a big guy) was about $1800 (not to mention that it won’t fit on my 1-year-old, $500 Schwinn comfort bike’s frame!  So, add another $500 for a bike!).
Picking up the bike…
Since it was a nice day/night, I rode the bike home from CT on mostly electric power (4km).  Not too shabby!
I continued my ride after a short pause at home, and the battery lasted a reasonable amount of time (about 45 minutes of mostly electric and some off-road).  When I got the bike home it showed that the battery was 1/2 depleted (but most likely 2/3).
The bike is not as quiet as the Bion-X system, but then again, it’s about $1500 cheaper!
Overall, I was impressed; but the true test will be my commute to work starting next week (weather permitting!).


April 8, 2008

The weather has been so nice after such a looooong Winter.  

I had some time between appointments and I found myself at Jarvis and Richmond, home of Daymaks’ new downtown showroom.  Schnazzy.

They, (Daymak), even have an electric bike built for two!

Sorry about the picture – new camera phone and I’m learning how to MobBlog

Crappy crappy new ebikes

April 4, 2008

Since September last year I’ve been seeing a bunch of new e-bike dealers pop-up, the majority of them selling the same crap rebranded.  You want my recommendation, honestly? Veloteq (and no, they don’t sponsor me …. yet).

Soon, (and maybe with your help), I hope to develop a review process that can compare the different brands and types of ebike.

Things I’d like to see in the review matrix:

  • Battery amp/hr and charge time.
  • Motor watts
  • Brake type
  • Time to speed
  • etc,.

Where is Honda?

July 3, 2007

Or Yamaha, or Suzuki, (not David).

I look down the road at the local photo lab/internet cafe, and there’s a weird no-name e-bike in the window that looks like its from the pre-soviet era. Then, I check out the current crop of e-bikes available from any of the stores in town, at least, the ones that I know about….

What I want to know is, when are the REAL guys going to get into to the game? I’ve heard rumor of an electric Honda in Japan, but haven’t found boo about it.

Another Another Retailer…

June 3, 2007

Those West-end folk get itchy when you pay attention to the East-end folk.

Welcome, from Markham, (which I really think isn’t Toronto at all), Rogue Electrics.

It seems to be the same products as Blue Avenue on Queen Street.


May 31, 2007

I was two blocks from home and I felt my first drips of rain.

I twisted the throttle and turned my macho factor to 11 and swept around the corner to get my baby under it’s rain cover.

I applied the brakes – and – nothing happened. I squeezed harder, and broke the rear brake cable, twang.

I’ve gone almost 1000 Km and this is the first time my bike has seen water. I don’t know if its my machine, or what, but I’m afraid, very afraid.

I put the machine under it’s cover and started writing this note.

Anyone else out there have any rain riding experience(s)?