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Have you mod’ed your ebike?

May 6, 2008

I have, and I admit it.  By removing one tiny capacitor I’ve increased the top speed of my bike to about 42 k/mh.  

So, have you mod’ed your ebike?



Where is Honda?

July 3, 2007

Or Yamaha, or Suzuki, (not David).

I look down the road at the local photo lab/internet cafe, and there’s a weird no-name e-bike in the window that looks like its from the pre-soviet era. Then, I check out the current crop of e-bikes available from any of the stores in town, at least, the ones that I know about….

What I want to know is, when are the REAL guys going to get into to the game? I’ve heard rumor of an electric Honda in Japan, but haven’t found boo about it.

Post 1K

June 16, 2007

brains_11.jpgMy Veloteq has seen 1000 Km now and I’m just starting to learn things. I guess the best thing to learn is the name of your e-bike store’s mechanic/technican, (and pray they don’t fire him/her).

It’s not that things are going wrong, far from it. Its just, I don’t know what needs doing. What do I oil, lubricate, rotate, adjust, tighten, loosen and … to what extent, when?

I’m using to performing all of my maintenance, on both my bike and my car, (an old Nissan Pathfinder). I enjoy fixing/adjusting bottom-brackets and brake pads, as long as I know how.

I’ve spoken to retailers, distributers and manufacturers, (thank you Skype), and while there are lots of owner manuals, there seems to be no manuals or guides about upkeep and maintenance.

Am I wrong?


May 31, 2007

I was two blocks from home and I felt my first drips of rain.

I twisted the throttle and turned my macho factor to 11 and swept around the corner to get my baby under it’s rain cover.

I applied the brakes – and – nothing happened. I squeezed harder, and broke the rear brake cable, twang.

I’ve gone almost 1000 Km and this is the first time my bike has seen water. I don’t know if its my machine, or what, but I’m afraid, very afraid.

I put the machine under it’s cover and started writing this note.

Anyone else out there have any rain riding experience(s)?

EVT Canada @ Greener Living Show

April 27, 2007

4kblue.jpgI’ll tell ya now – I’d rather have an “E Motorbike” than a E-Bike. There’s something about traveling much much slower than traffic that scares the willies out of me. On the other hand, my friend, who I’ll call “Frenchie” says; “Yes, but with an E-Bike you can park anywhere and you don’t need a plate or insurance”. To him I say, but I want speed!!!

EVT has been around for years and years, and EVT Canada has been operating in BC for, well, years too. They make the standard “E-Bike” that we talk about here, but, they also have “real”, licensable, insurable machines.

These babies will sustain 40Km/hr for 80’ish Km and will zoom up to 50 Km/hr if you need to, (which would be really really handy on Don Mills Road).

48Volts @ 50Amps attached to a 1.5Kw motor. Go baby go! I love the disc brakes too!

Here in Ontario there is currently no place to buy them, but if you could, you’d need a M class license and insurance. Their Z-20 model’s specifications look awesome.

The Politics of Peddling

April 16, 2007

30-6995-blu-crank.jpgWhen is a bike not a bike? After reading, and then re-reading the Canada Gazette article I posted about the other day, I keep thinking about those two metal things sticking out the sides of my Veloteq eBike and how, imho, useless they were. (more…)

The “LEED” green building rating system and the eBike

April 15, 2007

leed.jpgvs Ebike White

Since I got my ebike, I have been thinking of the many ways that it can apply both to my personal and work life. The other day I began wondering how the ebike could change the way I do my work as an architect.

It seemed pretty straight forward that I could demonstrate the benefits of a zero-emission vehicle to a building owner through the existing LEED green building rating system. But that is not as easy as it seemed. (more…)