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Lock or Alarm … or both?

April 16, 2008

We all lock our bikes, right?  But how?  Most bikes have a steering lock, some even have a hub lock so the wheel can’t spin.  Pictured above is the Master Lock “Street Cuff” – a CDN$200 lock with $5000 insurance against theft.  Available from a fine Canadian company; Scooter and Moped Parts (DOT com)

My question…. is an alarm really a deterrent?




April 8, 2008

The weather has been so nice after such a looooong Winter.  

I had some time between appointments and I found myself at Jarvis and Richmond, home of Daymaks’ new downtown showroom.  Schnazzy.

They, (Daymak), even have an electric bike built for two!

Sorry about the picture – new camera phone and I’m learning how to MobBlog


April 6, 2008

So yes, I’m updating the blog and I’ve received a comment; “how do you post a new topic?” You don’t. Its my blog. I welcome your comments and, in truth, I’d love your ideas for topics too.  At some point I’d like to make an Ebike Wiki so that we can pool our collective knowledge.  At some point I’d like to drive George Clooney’s electric car, (the world’s fastest urban car).

What else is new? I’m updating the dealer section, marking the dead links as, dead, and adding new ones as I find/hear about them.

Nice day for riding, wasn’t it?

Back in the saddle again…

April 4, 2008

2008 – a new beginning?

I’ve pulled my e-bike outside for the first time in months.  I’m blogging for the first time in months.

I’m back!

2007 ended in such a bad way for me.  I had my first major e-bike accident, (with only minor damage to the machine). But for me, it was a huge and personal shock.  Here’s what it comes down to: 

  • I don’t want to hurt anybody, ever.  
  • I want to make sure, that should an accident happen, I be insured and covered for liability.

A Scary Demographic

June 18, 2007

There’s one group of people that I seem to run into that are crazy for Ebikes. They have lost their drivers’ license, (for one reason or another), and, need/want to get from A to B.

Should these folk be zooming around? One fellow I met insisted that its impossible to be charged with impaired driving on an e-bike, and yes, he had taken his peddles off.

Post 1K

June 16, 2007

brains_11.jpgMy Veloteq has seen 1000 Km now and I’m just starting to learn things. I guess the best thing to learn is the name of your e-bike store’s mechanic/technican, (and pray they don’t fire him/her).

It’s not that things are going wrong, far from it. Its just, I don’t know what needs doing. What do I oil, lubricate, rotate, adjust, tighten, loosen and … to what extent, when?

I’m using to performing all of my maintenance, on both my bike and my car, (an old Nissan Pathfinder). I enjoy fixing/adjusting bottom-brackets and brake pads, as long as I know how.

I’ve spoken to retailers, distributers and manufacturers, (thank you Skype), and while there are lots of owner manuals, there seems to be no manuals or guides about upkeep and maintenance.

Am I wrong?

250+ per day (and growing)

June 7, 2007

Two milestones today:
This web-blog is averaging 250+ individual visitors every day, wow.

While walking only six blocks along the Danforth, (in Greektown), I spotted three Veloteqs, (one Red Commuter with 270 Km and no peddles), a Schwinn and a Malta. That’s five Ebikes in six blocks.