Matthew – 2007 Veloteq “Challenger” owner – odometer: 394 Km


I have Vespa envy. I’ve always wanted a high-powered Vespa, the 250cc is so schweet. So I started scrimping and saving, and then, I saw an Inconvenient Truth, by Al Gore, which has caused me, my wife and my three children, to have a major rethink.

I upgraded all of our light-bulbs I could to compact florescent bulbs and changed our electricity provider to BullfrogPower, which ensures that the power we do use is from renewable resources. Then, I got a Veloteq eBike, and that’s how this blog got started.

Phil Goodfellow – 2007 Veloteq “Commuter” owner

I too had Vespa envy, but the price tag for a quality machine always put it off until next riding season. That was until this past January when I test road an eBike Cougar at Segway of Ontario. I was immediately hooked.

I am an avid cyclist, environmentalist, intern architect and urban culture junkie. The eBike project has been a keen interest in my home because it crosses all my interests.


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