Have you mod’ed your ebike?

I have, and I admit it.  By removing one tiny capacitor I’ve increased the top speed of my bike to about 42 k/mh.  

So, have you mod’ed your ebike?


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19 Comments on “Have you mod’ed your ebike?”

  1. oshawaebiker Says:

    I am all for mods that increase performance,but mods to increase speed is a dangerous area. If you were caught going faster than 32km/h on the flat you could be charged with having an unlicensed moped. And I think the law is a little more savvy about E-Bikes this year then last year.

  2. Dewdad Says:

    I agree with Oshawsebiker that while increasing perforance on your ebike is one thing, but to openly advertise increasing the speed to an unlawful 42 km per hour is down right irresponsible. It puts the pilot program at risk and do not think for a moment they are not monitering certain threads to see what is going on. It is a pilot program for a reason so they can legally do a take a way at the end of the pilot if necessary. If there are others like this joker out there advertising this kind of action and to actually gloat about it is just plain wrong and puts the pilot in jeopardy. I suggest to others that if they want to go faster than 32 km per hour, to buy a motorcyle or a Vespa.

  3. ebikerider Says:

    Hey Dewdad…
    As a member of the advisory panel to the MTO pilot project I have no problem in mod’ing my ebike. In the same breath … I have to say that I personally look forward to greater regulation and yes, licensing.

    Heres a joke: dealers telling their customers its okay to ride without peddles attached and functional. Or funnier: people riding electric bikes without any knowledge of the rules of the road what-so-ever …. hahahaha, not.

    32Km/h is, imho, unsafe. We should have access to the same machines as allowed in the US and China.

  4. oshawaebiker Says:

    You must understand that the speed limitations for e-bikes are the same as here. But what some states have also are different moped laws then here with less regulation if it is under 2000 watts and speed regulated to 60kph. This is separate from their e-bike legislation that limits max speed to 20 mph and max power to 750W. This does very from state to state . Some states have the same power limits as us. Florida has a hate on for any thing electric.

  5. oshawaebiker Says:

    If speed is your issue then maybe an e-bike is not right for you. It is not a substitute for a motorcycle. I am very happy with the speed of these machines. One just has to be careful just as on a peddle bike.

  6. ljakel Says:

    I’ve got flat tires both front and rear. I couldn’t understand why the rear tube can’t heal at all while the front tube was patched and holds air fine. I tried 4 times, and now I give up, am going to buy a new tube to change. Though I don’t know how to take the wheel out to change the tube. Any advice or tips?

    Please email me at ledhh7@hotmail.com
    Thanks a million.

  7. oshawaebiker Says:

    If you were to do your research you would know that in China e-bikes are limited to 25kph as they are in Europe and Australia.

  8. ebike Says:

    […] increased the top speed of my bike to about 42 k/mh. ? So, have you mod??ed your ebike? ?https://ebikerider.wordpress.com/2008/05/06/have-you-moded-you-ebike/Yamaha's eBike – Just 2000Yamaha recently introduced their Electronic bike, the EC-02. Price has […]

    • superman10505 Says:

      Hi I was just wondering if you could tell me how to mod your ebike. Taking the capacitor off and such. Thank you so much.

  9. kehoedrummer Says:

    I am all for this idea.

    oshawaebiker: “I am all for mods that increase performance,but mods to increase speed is a dangerous area. If you were caught going faster than 32km/h on the flat you could be charged with having an unlicensed moped.”

    1. what other mods are there besides speed?

    and #2 How would you get caught. if you were being pulled over it would be for not having plates

    and a question to who ever would any one be able to share a small how to on speed mods. I am receving my Austin from Daymak quite soon and i want to mod it this summer and upgrade the motor and get my M1 next summer

  10. ebikerider Says:

    The most common mod I’ve seen is the removal of peddles….
    This is of course, totally illegal.

  11. kehoedrummer Says:

    yeah the removal of peddles is super stupid because you e bike has just turned into a limited speed motorcycle and you can be fined $5000

  12. oshawaebiker Says:

    To increase performance things you can do are make sure you tire pressure is correct. a round tire rolls easier. Increase the gauge of all power wires. Both in the bike and on the batteries. Replace power connections with connectors rated for the required current .
    These mods allow more current to reach the controller and the motor with less voltage drop. Thus keep your speed up on hills and drag. Another thing one can do is add a second set of batteries to the bike and parallel them together. This will give one more available current and longer range as well as better hill climb and acceleration. These type of mods do not defeat the type approval but increase the overall performance of the bike.
    As far as being caught for having a speed modified bike, They can check these bikes with radar to make sure. The bike would be seized and the operator fined pretty heavily.

  13. lockhughes Says:

    I swapped the motor right away, from about 250W up to about 400W…

    The last scoot was moded from 24V to 36V w/external controller added.

    Got rid of the wire spokes on the driven wheel in favour of cast spokes, as the electric torque would regularly loosen up the wire ones.

    My interest in higher power is torque and not rpms. Acceleration and hill climbing (401ft up/down between Downsview and the Lake), not higher speeds. I am already faster than the TTC and rush hour traffic speeds 🙂

    Oh yeah, and spare no expense on getting the best chargers available.
    human-electric hybrid pedestrian

  14. gofaster Says:

    Oshawabiker sounds like he would be a lot of fun to be around.
    I’m just joking, no fun at all. Seems to have caught the gay.

  15. incredibledad Says:

    if you do you your safety is at risk and you are making the rest of us look bad remember this is a pilot project and this might not help making it full time free of insurance , licence bla bla bla

  16. madback Says:

    ebikerider; where is the tiny capacitor located on an e-bike?

  17. electrorocket Says:

    Subversion. Yep straight up propaganda. Listen to you. As if.

    I have personally owned and operated underpowered bulky and unnesasairily heavy e-bikes from blue avenue and daymak. They all suck. The e-bikes themselves are fine, in some case really nice, and in every case suffer from an acute case of anemia. Gutless, heavy, TOXIC lead acid batteries are to blame, along with the crappy low V. PWM controllers they ALL come with.

    I “modded” my “daymak” austin “double” first, I removed the nasty and deadly toxic hunk o shit battery out. Soldered up two 36V 40Ah packs (A123 systems) installed TWO 72V 50A PWM control boxes, Removed the passive front wheel and replaced it with another “500w”brushless hub motorized wheel.

    The whole thing cost about $2000, with an additional $1000 for the bike, and another $500 for a Trailer that I can tow up to 200Lbs cargo. Total cost $3500 for a complete solution for shopping, touring, commuting ect. Not everyone is ready for an ebike that can push 80km/hr, climb any hill with a passenger, pull a trailer ect… I am . SO as far as the pilot project goes, good luck. AS always people will do what they need to do…Anyone else interested in freedom?

  18. ac15 Says:

    i got my Schwinn AL1012 pliable Aluminum bike with 16″ wheels from Canadian Tire in 2006 and used it daily for 12 months a year (Montreal).

    My two 12v 12ah lead batteries were changed last summer and then my controler went south.

    I got a demo scooter for cheap two months ago and popped the 18″ back cast wheel + the 36 v controller and 3x12v 12ah lead batteries on the Schwinn.

    I had some cutting to do but it worked out well…

    My new bike now has got way more torque and i may gain a few km.

    This little bike is great to zip around town…easy to bring in too.

    Where can i get information on modifying controllers and tweaking e-bikes.


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