Bionx at the Greener Living Show

I visited the Greener Living Show yesterday, it was not so busy with the TTC Strike.  I saw Daymak, Blue Avenue and DewDad… I saw a couple of new guys too, like Airstream.  Same old same old.

What stuck me the most was the display, (and test ride), by Bionx.  Wow!  Now I know why they cost what they cost.  What an amazing technology.  With real regenerative power, breaking sensors and selectable power assist ratios you really are getting bla bla bla … I have to write more before I press the “publish” button.

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3 Comments on “Bionx at the Greener Living Show”

  1. treknavigator Says:

    the product justifies the cost you are not buying junk here never mind the candian tire stuff nothing but trouble i have put 7000 klms on a p 250 kits since aug4 2006 any questions i am dealer in sask contact

  2. pmcd Says:

    This may be a quality product but the price is unrealistic. Most e-bikes and other electronics come from the Far East and many are not junk. In the area of electronics it is a myth that higher costs automatically lead to better quality products. The Bionx product is hardly going to lead the way towards people moving to e-bikes. Once you figure in the installation costs you are over $2k. It’s an interesting product but does very little in my opinion to promote anything “green” . Perhaps when a decent replacement to the chemical battery comes along higher end products will become appealing.


  3. 1oldschoolebiker Says:

    I recently tested the Bionx 350 in Vancouver. It was awesome! I agree that the price is up there with its quality. Another quality product is the Heinzmann motor which I have (under Tres Terra or Estelle as a whole e-bike). If you google around, you’ll find the best reviews. As for Far East products, I challenge pmcd to suggest some quality names. Personally after doing a lot of research, I would only buy eZee, Crystalyte and Wilderness Energy. Watch out for WE with their 600W motor which is not legal in Ontario! BTW do Daymak, Blue Avenue etc… carry products which comply with the Pilot Project rules in Ontario? Another question is are kits even legal in Ontario as per Pilot FAQ 11 e) which requires a sticker from manufacturers to be affixed.

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