Lock or Alarm … or both?

We all lock our bikes, right?  But how?  Most bikes have a steering lock, some even have a hub lock so the wheel can’t spin.  Pictured above is the Master Lock “Street Cuff” – a CDN$200 lock with $5000 insurance against theft.  Available from a fine Canadian company; Scooter and Moped Parts (DOT com)

My question…. is an alarm really a deterrent?


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2 Comments on “Lock or Alarm … or both?”

  1. kehoedrummer Says:

    just to clear it up it only has 3500 in insurance and it only lasts 1 year

  2. lockhughes Says:

    Lookin’fwd.to my new battery pack arriving this month… the BMS has a GPS plug-in add-on module. So yeah, the next vehicle will have an alarm system w/GPS tracking.

    Personally I *hate* the gawddamn car alarms. So I’m looking for an alarm w/a chip that issues more and more strident alarms…

    Giggle the vehicle gets a “HEY! Sorry, you OK?
    More giggle gets “STOP NOW PLEASE! HELP! HELP!”
    And finally, if prolonged movement, only then the full BLOOD CURDLING SCREAMS…

    Also going to experiment with small batchs of potassium nitrate and sugar to be fired off electronically, but that’s another story.
    human-electric hybrid pedestrian

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