What would you’all think if…

I’m having some issues with riding an Ebike, some of which I’ve aired here, most I’ve kept to myself.

I’m considering going gas. I find that I need to travel further than an Ebike can take me and I’m constantly terrified about the liability issues should I have an accident.

What do you’ll think?

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8 Comments on “What would you’all think if…”

  1. ebiker101 Says:

    Sorry to hear about your accident – glad to see your blog back up!!!
    Even though you don’t need insurance I managed to insure my ebike (veloteq) just like a regular bike. It took a little work but I got it done. Put it under my home insurance for $200 for the year. Simple as that. BTW I did that before I bought it otherwise I wouldn’t have purchased it.

  2. ebikerider Says:

    I’d like to hear more, (and perhaps write about) your insurance. My own insurer just doesn’t want to talk about bikes… or ebikes.

    Good for you ebikerider101!

  3. ebiker101 Says:

    It sounds to me like you either have to switch insurers or at least threaten to switch. I got my insurance through Ruby at Brokerforce insurance underwritten by Wawanesa.
    I’ve asked her permission and you can contact her at 4164942696 ext. 152. Just let her know that you know Peter. She said that you have to have your home insurance with them and you can’t just insure the bike.

    I recently talked to co-operators and the guy said I should be able to insure it. You should give your insurance a call again. Most if not all policies cover a bike up to $1000 and under the law an e-bike shouldn’t be treated any different from a regular bike. So it’s just a question of adding the extra $$$ coverage.

    Hope that helps.

  4. lockhughes Says:

    Hello ebikerider

    You said:
    “…having some issues with riding an Ebike”

    I’ll assume that any issues you may be having are a function of design and built quality for your own vehicle, not w/electrics as a whole?

    Personally I believe the electrics work best w/vehicles that are proper hybrids. Easy and comfortable to propel by muscle.

    This keeps the vehicles light by definition, and the little 350-500w motors become a lot more responsive.

    My experience with electrics is w/about 17lbs of SLA and 400w motor on 50lb stand-up scooters. Your e-bike experience at 500w is with… what… 150lbs of vehicle? 170lbs?

    Elsewhere you said you had an “e-bike accident”.

    Curious what aspect of the fact the vehicle was electric may have contributed to the incident, if at all? Was it really more like a “SUV accident”?

    I first got on the scooters eight years ago and just the commute trips have been over 10k km of electric travels since then…

    Never occurred to me to get insurance. Diff. strokes I guess.

    I’ve had “e-bike issues” in this time… Most with the chain and sprockets and gears of the pedal bicycle tech… I have a hub motor for a new vehicle which I hope will simplify things in this regard.

    And the lead acid tech is a problem too for cold and freezing daze… and heavy.

    So I’ve vowed to drive no more lead and expect to be driving lithium (LiFePO4) around this summer. Finally! Keeping the vehicle light still, but the batt pack will be lighter w/double the range I am used to. Yee haa! 🙂

    Ya may be happy with the “Vespa-style” of large and heavy e-scooter, but building them as electrics is a retrofit of a “gas design”… They struggle the same as electric cars that are tasked with trying to copy the performance of the 20th-century cars as heavy and fast and high powered w/gasoline…

    `Guess all I’m sayin’ is, don’t give up on the electrics. As folks get better informed about the tech the vehicle designs and quality will improve.

    I actually have a couple of clients as backers to build my next vehicle as a production prototype for export. But we’d also like to see more electrics on Toronto streets too, so our thoughts are wrapped up in something we are calling the Personal Electrics Project (PEP)…

    If you are on Facebook, we started uploading info a few weeks ago:

    Wish us luck

  5. kehoedrummer Says:

    if you are having troubles with distance Daymak is now bring in double battary model that can travel up to 100 km per charge

  6. oshawaebiker Says:

    Dual battery types have been around since the beginning here in Ontario. Several distributors have them, Daymak has had 2 models that do and all of Motorino’s are 2 battery capable. (prewired) as has Blueavenue.

  7. kehoedrummer Says:

    i did not mean they are brand new just saying there are getting some in stock

  8. lockhughes Says:

    Moving up to LiFePO4 finally. Same pack weight as the PBA, but will give me about 40km range on one charge w/out the pack breaking a sweat.
    Oh yeah, and several years from one pack instead of replacing the PBA every year…

    Almost like it’s a new century

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