Schwinn Review

The following is a contribution from reader Chris B.
The Schwinn from Canadian Tire @ $500 is a real steal.  I spent about 2-weeks researching and visiting about 15 bike shops.  There was nothing under $1000 as-far-as e-bikes went, and the Bion-X kit that I would need (being a big guy) was about $1800 (not to mention that it won’t fit on my 1-year-old, $500 Schwinn comfort bike’s frame!  So, add another $500 for a bike!).
Picking up the bike…
Since it was a nice day/night, I rode the bike home from CT on mostly electric power (4km).  Not too shabby!
I continued my ride after a short pause at home, and the battery lasted a reasonable amount of time (about 45 minutes of mostly electric and some off-road).  When I got the bike home it showed that the battery was 1/2 depleted (but most likely 2/3).
The bike is not as quiet as the Bion-X system, but then again, it’s about $1500 cheaper!
Overall, I was impressed; but the true test will be my commute to work starting next week (weather permitting!).

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3 Comments on “Schwinn Review”

  1. karentbrighton Says:

    Hi chrisB,

    I got a Schwinn IZip for Christmas and am just getting it out now to ride it…..this seems like a stupid question, but how do you charge it? Am I supposed to have a charger to go with it.? It didn’t come with any other parts. Or is there some way to charge it that I can’t figure out yet.

  2. oshawaebiker Says:

    Hi Karen
    You should have received a charger with your bike. If you still have your receipt
    go to your dealer and explain your situation. If they are responsible they will do something for you. Plus this should be explained in your manual.

  3. chinalton Says:

    Hey there,

    I’m just curious to know how well the bike is holding up for you?
    I”m thinking of getting my dad this bike as a means for him to get to work on a daily basis, figure it could save quite a few bucks

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