The weather has been so nice after such a looooong Winter.  

I had some time between appointments and I found myself at Jarvis and Richmond, home of Daymaks’ new downtown showroom.  Schnazzy.

They, (Daymak), even have an electric bike built for two!

Sorry about the picture – new camera phone and I’m learning how to MobBlog

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5 Comments on “Downtown”

  1. tomalavi Says:

    Great Picture…I look wonderful, ha ha ha. Just wanted to clarify one thing, we are located at Richmond and Jarvis. Honest mistake.


  2. rickonstclair Says:

    there store looks great but buy a bike from them an try to get it fixed under there warranty tht you pay for . my e bike is a milano i was only getting about 12kms per charge they picked my bike nov 12th 2007 and i got it back jan 10 2008 . my cousin has one he still has 6 months left on his warranty and he has had to pay for them to pick it up . the day he bought he told them he would pick it up to days later and to have it charged up as he was going to ride it home he got about 5km and it dies no one charged it up every time you phone the person taking care of your bike there never able to answer your calls . plus they already have a few complaints with the bbb. its worth it to get it fix at a another ebike shop then to put up with bullshit . ther is other ones around now the one on gerrard street near gerrard sqaure is a good place to go . thanks for letting me rant rick

  3. orioca Says:

    First comment I have heard on daymaks ebikes. I was thinking about buying a paris 2 with lithium battery any one have one? Would love to hear from some daymak owners.

  4. oshawaebiker Says:

    Make sure that the bike you select meets your needs and matches the terrain that you have to cover ( has enough power ) and has the range that you need. If you require only short hops and your roads are quite flat the Paris will be ok. It only has a 250W motor so it will not have much torque on hills.
    I myself have a Daymak Smart 100. Have been very happy with it and have put over 3600 km on it.

  5. thetrader31 Says:

    I agree, you have to be happy with your selection, a friend of mine picked up his ebike from

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