So yes, I’m updating the blog and I’ve received a comment; “how do you post a new topic?” You don’t. Its my blog. I welcome your comments and, in truth, I’d love your ideas for topics too.  At some point I’d like to make an Ebike Wiki so that we can pool our collective knowledge.  At some point I’d like to drive George Clooney’s electric car, (the world’s fastest urban car).

What else is new? I’m updating the dealer section, marking the dead links as, dead, and adding new ones as I find/hear about them.

Nice day for riding, wasn’t it?

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6 Comments on “Updates….”

  1. hitherewhatsnew Says:

    I see you have a red gatto. I have an identical model. I brought it out recently and found the chain has come off, the seat won’t open and the front piece surrounding the headline has fallen off! I hope this isn’t the start of something…

  2. ebikerider Says:

    It might be. I for one find the peddle placement really dangerous. If you don’t have them positioned just right you’ll spin-out if you corner.

  3. hitherewhatsnew Says:

    Well I fixed the issues and it’s working fine now. But I’m wondering what the tire pressure is supposed to be for these bikes? It’s not in the manual…any ideas?

  4. oshawaebiker Says:

    For the Gatto the tire pressure should be 45lb.
    Different bikes have different tire pressures , it depends what model you have and the type of tires it has.

  5. hitherewhatsnew Says:

    Thanks for your help. I realized the tire itself lists the psi at 36.

    Well now I have a new problem. The battery won’t charge properly. I’ve been noticing reduced torque and distance the last few days, and I thought maybe it was my tires, but now it’s certain: I plugged in my gatto last night and the light on the charger stayed green, which indicates the battery is fully charged (if definitely wasn’t!). This morning I took it out and low and behold the battery was practically at zero when I took it on the road.

    Anyone else encounter this issue? I hate to bring it back to Daymak since they charge you $50 just to look at it (are there any other repair shops in Toronto that *don’t* charge this outrageous intake fee?).

    I’ve only had my gatto since the fall and it has about 600 km on it. I’d hate to have to change the battery every three months (which is about how long all told I’ve been riding it, outside the winter months when it’s sat in my condo’s bike room).

    Thanks in advance

  6. oshawaebiker Says:

    First Issue. Did you bring your batteries inside for the winter and not let them freeze.
    2nd did you maintain the batteries by charging them every couple of weeks over the winter
    as freezing will damage SLA’s and not keeping them charged will cause them to sulfate and reduce their capacity.
    If this is OK then check your fuses and breakers. Check your battery terminals and make sure your cables and jumpers are tight. An open or loose cable will make your charger think it is seeing a charged battery and give the green indication. If you have access to a volt meter check the voltage at the batteries with and without the charger connected. The voltage should go up when the charger is connected, especially since your batteries are drained. If not then maybe you have a bad charger.

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