Spot the cup holder

Nice day for riding, eh?  I was out on my Daymak today and I had the urge for a double double.  Can you spot the cup holder?



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4 Comments on “Spot the cup holder”

  1. prizestuff Says:


    I thought you were going to sell your blog?

    Also, I have had a rough time using my I-Zip from Schwinn. It worked well when I got it but even after taking top care of the battery over the winter it is finished. I don’t know if they will convert to Ni-Mh soon so I will hold off on a replacement.

    I might buy a new bike with a BionX system after all. I heard they now have Li-Mg which is Lithium Maganese. This is supposed to last for 800 deep discharge cycles and 1000 half discharge cycles. A better warranty as well.

    Good job on the re-birth of your site,

  2. ebikerider Says:

    Tried to sell, but no-one was biting.

    Shame about your Schwinn. Have you tried talking to Canadian Tire about the batteries? Perhaps they’re still covered.

  3. prizestuff Says:


    Sadly no, the batteries are only covered for 90 days on that model.
    The BionX battery is covered for 1 year!
    I will be getting a Norco Citadel with that. (the PL-350)
    Actually the new batteries are Li-Mn not Li-Mg like I said before.
    No bursting or blowing up with those!

    I will post a review on it at the end of the month,

  4. greenmom09 Says:

    Have you tried Scoot-a-Long of Windsor? They can get great deals on batteries and have full support on them. They are likely able to service you in your area. Check out thier website,
    or email them at

    They are in the process of starting a new webpage and this was thier first one.

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