Crappy crappy new ebikes

Since September last year I’ve been seeing a bunch of new e-bike dealers pop-up, the majority of them selling the same crap rebranded.  You want my recommendation, honestly? Veloteq (and no, they don’t sponsor me …. yet).

Soon, (and maybe with your help), I hope to develop a review process that can compare the different brands and types of ebike.

Things I’d like to see in the review matrix:

  • Battery amp/hr and charge time.
  • Motor watts
  • Brake type
  • Time to speed
  • etc,.
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9 Comments on “Crappy crappy new ebikes”

  1. ebiker21 Says:

    hi there,

    i’m a torontonian gearing up to purchase my first ebike and i came across this useful little website while doing some online ebike research.

    i’m having trouble figuring out how to post a brand new blog. commenting on current topics is no problem (obviously), but i don’t see anything that will allow me to post my own new topic or comment.

    i’m currently narrowed down to two different ebike models and would like to discuss the pros and cons of each in the blogs. i would like to post my comments and questions in the review section, and i’d also like to contribute to the above proposed review process once i do get an ebike.

    anyways, any help on how to post a new topic?

  2. bakhtari Says:

    I have something more to add to the list of things to review: Costumer Service.
    I hae some experience with Blue Avenue, Daymak, and Mobility Unlimited. Blue Avenue has by far the worst service. I wanted to look at one of the bikes and even purchase one that day and teh sales man told me to come in. Once there he said he was too busy to serve me because he just got an order and had to assemble a bike. He told me to come back another day!!!!! I hate to see how much time he has to fix something if he is too busy to even sell a bike.
    I bought one from Mobility Unlimited and I have to say these guys ahave the best costumer service in any industry. After purchasing one and a few days of biking, I got stranded in Lakeshore and 4th street (25 km from the store). I had a bad connection or something. The guy came at 8 am to my resuce and put the bike in his pickup and drove me to work. After work my bike was fixed, charged, and ready to go. I have since then put 2000 km on it and no problems at all. Also I wanted to modify the bike to put more batteries in it. The warrenty said it would be void if I changed anything but I talked to the engineer they have (and he is really knowledgable not just a salesman) and I showed him my schematics and dwgs. He agreed with me and said it won’t void warrenty. I now get 80 km from one charge easily (even had a 90km run). Overall its not justr the bike that matters its also the support.

    Owner of a Diablo

  3. incredibledad Says:

    I bought from Blue avenue
    it’s by fare the worst place where you can buy a E-bike
    the move from their location and I am sure soon they will change their name because of the bad reviews they are getting. So shop around before you buy from Blue avenue

  4. greenmom09 Says:

    I have a Veloteq, Commander SHO and I love it!! I got mine at Scoot-a-Long of Windsor and had a great time choosing the best bike for me.
    They even added an extra battery and now I get 25km extra to a charge. They cover the warrenty on the bike, and they are Interstate Battery Dealers, so they cover all of that as well.
    They have a place just south of Owen Sound as well.

    I love these bikes!

  5. pmcd Says:

    I have had a Malta e-bike for almost 3 years. I love it as it can function as a real bike and it has a great range.

    The whole support structure for e-bikes in Ontario, and maybe Canada, is awful. I don’t think it’s fair to blame any one dealer. The distributors import these bikes from China and don’t ensure there is any consistency in parts. I had to have a friend custom make a small cover for the battery lead (where the charger plugs into the battery) because no-one had the part. Not the dealer, not the distributor, etc… It’s just crazy.

    As for Blue Avenue, my Malta was recently blown over by the windstorm we had and the brake lever snapped in two. I phoned around and people simply didn’t know. I went to Blue Avenue as they have a shop near where I live and they fixed it in a day. Reasonable price, great service and I did not buy that product there.

    The pilot project is coming to an end in October, 2009. There has been no word from the government and the normal bike community is not exactly e-bike friendly. The Veloteq’s are really nice but this type of model may end up placing major restrictions on all e-bikes when it comes to bike paths and so on. After all we are talking about moped weights.

    In short, the dealers in Ontario are in a bind. The distributors just import stuff and there’s no government leadership. Compare this to some other provinces. It’s really disgraceful.

    Anyway, I would certainly recommend Blue Avenue based on my experience, but I am not into the non-bike type e-bike and that is basically what they sell.

    Until the e-bike community gets its service act in order I can’t imagine too many people risking $1000+ on these items.


  6. sammyron Says:

    I bought a Veloteq from “golectric` – Bob Prowse, the Veloteq dealer south of Keppel Serawak school(8th st West) in Owen Sound and I absolutely love it! Nice showroom and great service. Thx Bob I love my bike!

  7. sammyron Says:

    Owen Sound Ebikes has updated their website, you can find them at

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