Back in the saddle again…

2008 – a new beginning?

I’ve pulled my e-bike outside for the first time in months.  I’m blogging for the first time in months.

I’m back!

2007 ended in such a bad way for me.  I had my first major e-bike accident, (with only minor damage to the machine). But for me, it was a huge and personal shock.  Here’s what it comes down to: 

  • I don’t want to hurt anybody, ever.  
  • I want to make sure, that should an accident happen, I be insured and covered for liability.
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2 Comments on “Back in the saddle again…”

  1. prizestuff Says:


    I thought you were going to sell your blog?

    Also, I have had a rough time using my I-Zip from Schwinn. It worked well when I got it but even after taking top care of the battery over the winter it is finished. I don’t know if they will convert to Ni-Mh soon so I will hold off on a replacement.

    I might buy a new bike with a BionX system after all. I heard they now have Li-Mg which is Lithium Maganese. This is supposed to last for 800 deep discharge cycles and 1000 half discharge cycles. A better warranty as well.

    Good job on the re-birth of your site,

  2. incredibledad Says:

    Would be nice to have a get together and compair bikes somewhere by the beach this summer any one interested to set up a date?

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