Where is Honda?

Or Yamaha, or Suzuki, (not David).

I look down the road at the local photo lab/internet cafe, and there’s a weird no-name e-bike in the window that looks like its from the pre-soviet era. Then, I check out the current crop of e-bikes available from any of the stores in town, at least, the ones that I know about….

What I want to know is, when are the REAL guys going to get into to the game? I’ve heard rumor of an electric Honda in Japan, but haven’t found boo about it.

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One Comment on “Where is Honda?”

  1. rodmacpherson Says:

    Actually, where is David Suzuki? I bet if he did a Nature of Things that focused on e-Bikes and some of the other new vehicles we’d see even more of them on the road.

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