A Scary Demographic

There’s one group of people that I seem to run into that are crazy for Ebikes. They have lost their drivers’ license, (for one reason or another), and, need/want to get from A to B.

Should these folk be zooming around? One fellow I met insisted that its impossible to be charged with impaired driving on an e-bike, and yes, he had taken his peddles off.

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2 Comments on “A Scary Demographic”

  1. veloteq Says:

    He is totally incorrect. You can be charged with impaired operation of any kind of vehicle, including a non-powered bicycle. The police could probably even charge you with impaired operation of a skateboard or roller blades. That aside, you can be charged with public intoxication, which happens all the time.

    Ebikes are not intended as a workaround those who have lost their driving priveleges for any reason. If they are stopped, they will probably be charged and the police will let the court sort it out. I would not want to be the test case. I think you will see issues like this resolved and loopholes plugged at the conclusion of the Pilot Project, if not before. We are all trying to demonstrate that ebikes are a safe and reliable form of local transport, not a haven for scofflaws.

  2. cknowles Says:

    He’s probably read the e-bike faq that says:
    Drinking and driving a motor vehicle is a Criminal Code offense and charges are laid under the Criminal Code of Canada. Under the Criminal Code, the definition of a “motor vehicle” would include an e-bike and anyone operating an e-bike intoxicated could be charged for impaired driving. If convicted, the offender would be subject to the Criminal Code penalties, including a fine or jail time, and a driving prohibition. However, under this pilot regulation, an e-bike would not be a motor vehicle under the Highway Traffic Act, so penalties for impaired driving under the Act would not apply.

    Under the Highway Traffic act he cannot be charged, however he can still be charged under the criminal code. However the wording in the faq is misleading and giving him a false sense of security. IMHO driving anything while impaired is just plain irresponsible.

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