Post 1K

brains_11.jpgMy Veloteq has seen 1000 Km now and I’m just starting to learn things. I guess the best thing to learn is the name of your e-bike store’s mechanic/technican, (and pray they don’t fire him/her).

It’s not that things are going wrong, far from it. Its just, I don’t know what needs doing. What do I oil, lubricate, rotate, adjust, tighten, loosen and … to what extent, when?

I’m using to performing all of my maintenance, on both my bike and my car, (an old Nissan Pathfinder). I enjoy fixing/adjusting bottom-brackets and brake pads, as long as I know how.

I’ve spoken to retailers, distributers and manufacturers, (thank you Skype), and while there are lots of owner manuals, there seems to be no manuals or guides about upkeep and maintenance.

Am I wrong?

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2 Comments on “Post 1K”

  1. veloteq Says:

    We cannot speak for others, however, the Veloteq Owner Manual contains periodic maintenance instructions. It is available on the Veloteq website at this URL:

    Lubrication instructions are on P.12. You can also use the troubleshooting guide which follows on P.13, and the Service and Maintenance form on P.18 for record keeping.

    We recommend against the use of lubricants such as WD40, which attract dust. It is primarily for water removal. Use a grease on the axle and chain lube such as White Lightning on the chain. It is also important to keep all moving parts clean and periodically check the brakes. When applying brakes 70% of the stopping force should be applied to the front brake and only about 30% to the rear brake, the same method used for motorcycles and scooters.

  2. cleanrider Says:

    Good tips ‘veloteq’. Thanks.
    I”ve put 300 k on my machine. I commute about 38 k to work every day. It’s a bumpy ride for sure!! I’m gonna look for some foam to put on my seat. The bumps loosen the pedals and I have to tighten them before every commute.

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