250+ per day (and growing)

Two milestones today:
This web-blog is averaging 250+ individual visitors every day, wow.

While walking only six blocks along the Danforth, (in Greektown), I spotted three Veloteqs, (one Red Commuter with 270 Km and no peddles), a Schwinn and a Malta. That’s five Ebikes in six blocks.

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4 Comments on “250+ per day (and growing)”

  1. veloteq Says:


    Note: This does not apply to areas restricted by city by-laws.

    Attention Traffic and Training Sergeants:

    Recently we have had some enquiries from officers in the field and members
    of the public regard e-bikes and some confusion over the definition of a
    Power Assisted Bicycle (e-bike)

    According to Ontario Regulation 473/06 an e-bike that meets the definition
    is deemed not to be a motor vehicle, under the Highway Traffic Act, and is
    essentially treated as a bicycle. Any person 16 years and over who wears a
    bicycle helmet as required by subsection 104 (2.1) of the HTA may ride a
    power assisted bicycle on the highway. There is no requirement for drivers
    licence, permit or insurance.

    The main requirements of a “power assisted bicycle” is that it “is
    capable of being propelled by muscular power” and a “bears a label that is
    permanently affixed by the manufacturer stating that the vehicle is a power
    assisted bicycle”. Obviously while the e-bike is being operated on the
    road, the pedals must be attached and functional.

    O. Reg 473 refers to federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations for a

    Rick Line, TC 4365,
    TPS Training & Education Unit,
    Traffic & Provincial Statutes Section,
    C.O. Bick College,
    4620 Finch Ave. E.,
    Scarborough, On, M1S-4G2

    “Committed to Lifelong Learning”

  2. wallyinwhitby Says:


    Thanks for the info.

    My only comment is that it is not obvious to me that the pedals must be attached and functional. If they are not attached, but I carry them with me, and I am stopped by the police, what will the ticket say and why? “Failure to be able to pedal at any time?”

    For that matter, could I not get a similar ticket for having the pedals attched but folded up as they are designed to be? In both cases, to pedal the bike “at any tme” I would have to stop, get off and do something before proceeding.


  3. ebikerider Says:

    They, the police, will ticket you for having an improperly equipped vehicle, under the same rules as not having a horn or bell….

    By your theory, you have a helmet with you if its strapped to your ass.

  4. digikid1 Says:

    Nice example! LOL!!!!!

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