I was two blocks from home and I felt my first drips of rain.

I twisted the throttle and turned my macho factor to 11 and swept around the corner to get my baby under it’s rain cover.

I applied the brakes – and – nothing happened. I squeezed harder, and broke the rear brake cable, twang.

I’ve gone almost 1000 Km and this is the first time my bike has seen water. I don’t know if its my machine, or what, but I’m afraid, very afraid.

I put the machine under it’s cover and started writing this note.

Anyone else out there have any rain riding experience(s)?

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4 Comments on “Rain”

  1. bluechalrsx Says:

    YIKES, Now you have me worried. I’m just about to jump on and ride home…. I guess I’ll try some braking manuevers before I get too far. I’ll comment again when I get home.

  2. bluechalrsx Says:

    It wasn’t raining for my ride home but scooch (my kids named the bike) was parked under the trees in Trinity square durring the rain and had gotten fairly wet. As I rode away from parking spot I tentatively squeezed the brakes and to my suprise the back wheel locked up (squeeled to a stop) I released the brake and tentatively started out again and everything worked perfectly for the rest of the ride home.

    Very curious indeed.

  3. wallyinwhitby Says:

    I read this blog on Monday night and ended up getting caught in the rain on Tuesday so I was sensitive to potential problems.

    I didn’t have any problems but I am only at 140 km.

  4. webiker Says:

    Any experience with ebikes on snow? Forget about the coldness, but I mean snow/ice/backice/etc. How is your experience with that?

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