New Page added…

I put a new perm-o-page in called Ebike Advice. I’ve posted some common and some not so common bits of info, gleaned from various sources and contributors.

If you’ve got a gem you’d like to share, post it in the comments here and I’ll post it over to the perm-o-page.

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One Comment on “New Page added…”

  1. robinbiker Says:

    New veloteq courger x7 from segway toronto owner(last Saturday)-have been reading these posts and feel
    most peopel really do not know these are e bikes – would it maybe be wise to use the licence plat mount to put a plastic E BIKE label or sign on the bikes, might make it less prone to being pulled over ! Was driving on the bike path yesterday – and figure the exterior design of these really does make people think they are motorcycles of some sort- so they do not know how to approach or pass them- Maybe we can form and E-Gang and move around in packs! -do you think we will have to get moped licences for these? can we?

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