You pay ‘ur money….

I have now personally seen and ridden every darn e-bike there is in this town for sale today, and as of this writing, I now know for sure; I made a great choice in getting a Veloteq E-Bike.

Note: I do not work for any Ebike or sales company. (In fact, I’m a EngComp).

There are a number of Ebikes available now and I hope to write about each of them, but I’ll tell you this right now; If you’re after a power-assist style Ebike in Toronto, get a Veloteq.

Instead of bashing the “competition” I’ll tell you what the Veloteq’s have over ALL of the others:

Alarm Systems
Rear Carriers
Folding Peddles
An odometer
and most important of all; a REAL 500Watt motor.

As I said, I’ll write more later, but I’ve seen the spec’s as well as the forms submitted to the DOT and there is a difference.

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2 Comments on “You pay ‘ur money….”

  1. juliciously Says:

    I absolutely love my Veloteq! It was my best impulse buy ever. I’ve done a lot of research and testing AFTER the purchase, and still feel that I have the BEST!

  2. sandra39 Says:

    I was really impressed that after a lot of research and testing I got an e-bike with a remote alarm, odometer, folding pedals -amazing for getting it in my apartment 🙂 and a carrier too! It’s not a Veloteq though, It’s a Daymak e-Bike and I love it! It handles what I need to get done in a day perfectly!

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