New Kid in Town, Blue Avenue Ebikes.

We should break out the welcome wagon, or something. There’s a new store in town with their own line of e-bikes. They’re called Blue Avenue, and they have a store front at Queen and Bathurst.

They have a huge selection of bikes there, both power assist and pedel assist.

What I love is the images on their website of the e-bike factory.

From what I’ve seen up close, I’m willing to bet that these ebikes and those made by Veloteq come from the same facilities…. so so so many of the parts are identical.

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7 Comments on “New Kid in Town, Blue Avenue Ebikes.”

  1. veloteq Says:

    They are absolutely not from the factory that manufactures Veloteq. Veloteq has joint product development and long term exclusive agreement with Power Eagle Co. Ltd. of Shangahai as well as an R&D agreement among Veloteq, Power Eagle, and Powergenix of San Diego, CA to develop and produce nickel zinc power supplies. More information about this is on the Veloteq website. The fact that they have a huge selection of bikes on display is indicative of the fact that they come from different factories. Ebike factories in China generally restrict their models to only a few which are popular in China. you may looking at the fairings (body parts) and assuming that they are the same. I can assure you that there are big differences. For only one example, our paint finishes are baked enamel. Almost all of the others use a sprayed on acrylic which scratches very easily. Also, 60% of our body parts are constucted of polypropolence. The others tend to use a cheap grade of ABS. You can tell when you scratch it and see the white undereneath the paint. This is all before you even get to the inner workings of the ebikes. Factory images are bandied about like so much glitter. I have many that I have personally taken at the Power Eagle facility, but these are not we site material. Brokers in China like to put images on their websites of huge modern facilities and claim it is their factory. They are not. Just look on and you will see what I men. Our motto is ESSE QUAM VIDERE. As it is, not as it seems.

  2. ebikerider Says:

    Hey Veloteq, love having you folk on the blog!

    I saw a model today and some of the parts, (motor & hub lock, switches and plastic fittings) are identical. I’ll take pictures tomorrow when I visit the store….

  3. veloteq Says:

    It is always a pleasure to comment. I do not expect all to agree with me but I will say it anyway. ESSE QUAM VIDERE = “What you see’s is what you get.” If anyone would like to take a look at the plethora of ebikes from China go to

    One thing they have in common is they are made for the domestic market, not to North American standards. Keep in mind that there ore millions of ebike users in China. Veloteqs are far too expensive for the local market. We would consider the overwhelming majority of them to be only of toy quality.

  4. veloteq Says:

    Look closely at ebikes offered for sale. Most have one thing in common, too much plastic. By that I mean ABS body fairings. 60% of the body fairings used on Veloteqs are constructed of polypropolene, a much more rugged compound. They are distinctive becasue the the finish is flat back. The power supply case is also polypropolene. The body fairings used for dress and fill are constructed of automotive grade ABS.

  5. thetrader31 Says:

    I like some of the bikes at

  6. incredibledad Says:

    I got a Mounteneer from Bleu Avenue in Toronto by the beaches love the bike but the pedals are unusable the charger is twice the price of any other 48 volts charger around here in Toronto the owner people skils need some brushing.

    and as for Service naaa
    my next bike I will shop around

  7. incredibledad Says:

    is the same place as Blue avenue
    this Vince owner is buying all the name for Toronto ebike business so no one can use them its call SPAMMING but its legal just the wrong way to do business he should focuses on customer

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