1000 Km

dsc_0006_2.jpgMy odometer is about to turn 1000. The big 1K – any ideas on how to celebrate?

At this point, I figure I’ve spent $9.00 to go this 1000 Km… and that’s probably higher that the average as I use renewable sourced energy from Bullfrog.

The bike continues to be perfect! I still think the brakes suck, (I’d prefer a front disk), but everything is still awesome at 1K.

The image is me going uphill @ 32Km/hr

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6 Comments on “1000 Km”

  1. golectric Says:

    1000KM!! Great

  2. cleanrider Says:

    Did you say you went uphill at 32km? Ha ha very funny!
    BTW where do you commute?

  3. ebikerider Says:

    Yes – Uphill at 32km/hr

  4. cleanrider Says:

    Is it the Veloteq Challenger like mine? 10 to 15 Km up hill for me.
    Where do you ride?

  5. markmarshall Says:

    How were you going uphill at 32 km/h? Were you pedalling? (not yet an owner of an ebike, but considering buying)


    Mark Marshall

  6. incredibledad Says:

    is the same place as Blue avenue
    this Vince owner is buying all the name for Toronto ebike business so no one can use them its call SPAMMING but its legal just the wrong way to do business he should focuses on customer

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