Veloteq: Important Notice

From an e-mail message from CrusherEbikes

Attention all E-bike owners:

Please be advised that all chargers should not be plugged into the outlet for longer than 36 hours. In doing so, the charger may be damaged and the warranty will be null and void.

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One Comment on “Veloteq: Important Notice”

  1. veloteq Says:

    Chargers must not be stored in sub-freezing environments. This will change the electrical characteristics of the components; IC’s MOSFET’s, etc. which can cause a serious malfunction. A good example is the failure of the charger to sense feedback from the power supply and overcharge the batteries. This also applies to the power supply. The battery pack should not be stored in a sub-freezing environment because the they can be completely depleted. Before charging they should be brought up to an ambient temperature of about +10C. The batteries must be topped off every 20 days while in storage because natural discharge occurs, regardless of the ambient temperature. If this procedure is followed, the batteries used in Veloteq ebikes should last well in excess of 400 re-cycles. If the batteries are not discharged below 75% they are good for in excess of 500 re-cycles. It pays to plug it in. Always attach the charger plug to the power supply charging intput before connecting to the AC source. Connection to the AC source before connecting to the charger can cause a spark. hee this advice and in the long run, it will save you money.

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