1st Angry Cyclist

384.jpgSo I’m on my Veloteq E-Bike on College Street, in the bike lane, stopped at a stop light when a really angry guy screeches up on his bike, huffin’ and puffin’, red in the face, and spits out:

“if you ain’t going to ride that like a bike, get out of the *$%&ing bike lane”

I replied, as kindly as I could, if he knew where his helmet was?…..

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One Comment on “1st Angry Cyclist”

  1. ebiker101 Says:

    I wonder if that’s the same cyclist that I ran into the other day. I’ve had quite a few incidents since I bought my veloteq challenger a month ago.

    I’ve been yelled at by a guy in a car that I shouldn’t be on the road. Ironically enough, the following day I was yelled at by a cyclist while on the bike path that runs parallel to the Don Valley that I SHOULD be on a road and not the bike path. I was yelled at by a cop that I should be wearing a motorcycle helmet, not a bicycle helmet. I’ve been stopped by cops on two other occasions where I had to pull out the printed sheets of legislation. And of course there’s lots of impatient drivers that enjoy using their horns.

    It certainly doesn’t bother me too much since I seem to be quite visible and I believe it’s safer to ride than a bike because of this. I also find that many more cars give me the lane than when I ride my regular bike.

    One thing I like to do is pretend pedal, especially when i go past someone on the bike paths and when I’m going up an incline with cars behind me just so they don’t think it’s gas powered. I find this cuts down on the amount of comments, horn flogging, etc.

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