Honey Roasted Peanuts

g18.jpgI don’t like trade shows – and I don’t like carnies. Carnies, imho, are those folk that go from show to show flogging whatever is the “thing de jour”. Usually there’s a honey roasted peanut vender nearby.

I went to the Greener Living Show in the hopes of meeting the brains, (or, at least the Canadian brains), behind the Veloteq E-bike.

What I saw bummed me out. Veloteq’s reps were carnies – selling their product without knowledge or passion. I know I wasn’t the only one either. I had a couple of friends there, (who know my E-Bike interest), tell me how disappointed they were with the Veloteq turn-out. Thank goodness they didn’t have a vibrating massage chair there.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my Veloteq E-Bike, but get it from a reputable dealer that gives a rats ass about the environment and their product.

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9 Comments on “Honey Roasted Peanuts”

  1. veloteq Says:

    My apologies for not responding sooner. I do not feel that the people on the floor at the Veloteq Dealer’s booth need to be defending. The simple fact is that they were overwhelmed by the response received. I was not there for the full duration, having taken the time to listen to Al Gore’s presentation and other matters to which I had to attend while in Toronto. I will say that I was busy every moment I was there on Saturday and Sunday, and both I and Jeff Brown of Crusher Ebikes, our master distributor had to jump right in to assist. This was the first Green Living Show in Toronto. Even the organizers were amazed by the enthusiasm of the attendees. It is the nature of trade shows that you do not know what to expect until the event is finally underway. Many things can disrupt it; a competing event like anything from a baseball game to a grandpre auto race and they do. The Dewdad people know and understand the Veloteqs, as is observed by listening to their conversations with potential customers. When introducing a novel product to a potential customers, one has to start simple, not overwhelm them with technical details that they will not understand in the course of a simple introduction. All interested customers were invited to test ride the Veloteq’s after the show, at which time they would also receive a more thorough explanation of how they work. Unfortunately, when a trade event of this nature is underway, there is not time to launch an impromptu, on-site seminar, to the distraction of other attendees who desire to simply know what they are and how they work. The people running the booth are not carnies. On the contrary, they saw the value of adding Veloteq to their existing line of environmentally friendly products. Launching an enterprise to promote a new product, particularly as revolutionary as these, is missionary work. In order to assure customers of continuing service, they need their feet under them and a good business background, supported by an existing business structure. I had the opportunity to speak with many people who were happy with the answers they received and feel that the people from Dewdad did as well as could be expected given the constant rush of attendance at their display.

    Jim Wood

  2. ebikerider Says:

    DewDad sells vibrating massage chairs…

    From what I saw and overheard personally, I’m ashamed that DewDad is associated with the Veloteq name. I heard outright bullshit un-truths.

    The feedback I received from others was disheartening at best. One person I sent specifically to the DewDad booth came away not knowing she should laugh or cry.

    Again, the Veloteq is an awsome ride – so far to best I’ve tried, but it’s dealer base it critical to its success.

    Segway of Ontario earned the right to carry Segway product here in Toronto. They went to Segway school and got their Segway certificates, (or whatever). I trust them – because Segway trusts them.

  3. veloteq Says:

    We are all on the same side, making a contribution, however small, to change the way many people think about our environment. Dewdad has taken the initiative by showing our products throughtout Ontario at great expense. That is valuable in itself.

    When you buy a new pair of shoes, you try it first to see if they fit. After that you still have to break them in. Every vendor has to go through this. It is like sailing. A sailboat will head into the wind by itself, but you still have to jibe and tack to get it to where you want it to go. The bigger the boat, the bigger the crew that is required. They all learn to work together.

    I regret that the lady was disappointed, however, approximately 25 show attendees were not. Therefore, there are now about 25 more clean vehicles on the roads of Toronto and the vicinity.

  4. ebikerider Says:

    Jim, the Veloteq sells itself. Those clowns were stopping the product from moving 50+ units.

    I’ve seen 8 or 9 different makes of “power assist” Ebikes now, and I’m still convinced that the Veloteq is the best of the breed – the “Apple” of Ebikes.

    Yes, “Apple”

  5. dewdad222 Says:

    I think after being in business for 30 years under the same name and handling only the finest products on the market you would cut me a little slack. Sanyo Massage Chairs are hardly a “carnie ” prodcut. You seem to love Veloteq and Seguay. Perhaps you have a hidden agenda and are working with Seguay. Either way, I agree that Veloteq is the best I have seen and I am out advertising all Veloteq Dealers. The Home Shows attract hundreds of thousands of visitors and it is one of the best ways of getting a product in front of alot of people. Your animousity towards my “carnie” staff is amusing because all of them own homes and went to university and have families to which they support. Because of your passion of beating down Dewdad and promoting Seguay leaves me doubt, you have a hidden agenda. Try not to spend to much of your waking life bashing people or companies you do not even know. Thats how you get bad karma.

  6. dewdad222 Says:

    Oh and by the way, Seguay which is a fine company had asked me to send them artwork for thier website which I did. Anthony seemed like a real gentlemen when he asked and although I only met him for a short time, I liked him and I sent it. I also sent him artwork for some signs that I made,,,We are all in this together, and as far as Veloteqs or any other product selling itself…if that were only true, I would have saved milllions over my career in commissions…P.S. We sold 25 bikes at the show and are well over the 50 mark from that event. I have also turned alot of business over to you as well…I mean Seguay of Ontario.

  7. ebikerider Says:

    I work for me, and a couple of guys with guitars. Oh – and stupid ass lawyers too. I have nothing to do with the Ebike industry or, sales for that matter, other than trying to be a wise(ass) consumer – with a blog.

    To shine the best light possible: your staff are untrained in this product.

    Why I shine the light on the Segway store: because they are trained, and certified by a brand/company I trust; Segway

    Massage chairs?!?

    On the other hand…. Blue Avenue Ebikes is also a photo-copy centre.

  8. dewdad222 Says:

    That’s right…Sanyo Massage Chairs…$5800.00 Sold to Chiropractors and Physiotherapists…which I am sure you hate too. You hate everything…you hate people and life. Let’s see…you hated my staff, you hate organized events, and you hate lawyers.
    You went on and on an on about being anti-dewdad and pro-seguay, without even mentioning any of the other 12 dealers. On you own site you state: mention “your site” and receive $25.00 off your next e-bike. That could only mean you have a “relationship” with somebody at the store. They give the customer $25.00 off and what do you get $25.00 as well. Let’s face it, you are not the kind hearted guy that would do something for nothing. Not just to be nice, that is not your character. You are too critical and opinionated to be nice, You spend too much time “bashing” and not enough time being understanding to people. You mentioned you work for you and a couple of guys with guiar and you hate lawyers. Let me do a little FBI PROFILING. Your dislike for so many things “even shows” means you do not like “crowds” possibly because you do not like people in general. You feel superior to most and think everyone is a moron. Your dislike of something as simple as a Massage Chair” means you do not know how to relax. You are very tense and always on guard. You stated you work for a couple of guys with a guitar, That means you do not play yourself, or if you do you are not very good and that makes you angry. You associate my staff to “carnies” in a derogatory manner, means you do not like people who are not educated or fulfil their own potential, suggesting perhaps you are not living up to what your parents wanted you to do in life either…I am going to take a shot in the dark and
    say you are a Manager of a Band.

    Ebikerider: It is not necessary to bash my staff. They are not only informed about the product but very nice people who if you weren’t so “troubled yourself” you would like them all.
    If you did meet someone on my display that did not live up to your expectations, I am sorry…They know alot more now than they did then…You know what it is like dealing with the masses..and thousands and thousands of people. Lighten up and keep your blog focused in the right direction. Before I got into “Show Business” I worked in the entertainment field and they are more similar than you think, If I was right and you are the manager of a band, then what is wrong with going show to show and city to city?
    It is called “exposure” and I know for a fact my setting up at Trade Shows helps not only Seguay sell bikes but the 11 other dealers as well…When they see us a show and Google they pick the closest dealer to do business with. I do know for a fact that we have sold more bikes than all the dealers put together…There’s No Business Like Show Business”


  9. ebikerider Says:

    This blog is about Ebike advocacy in Toronto – that’s it. I don’t get $25 if/when the site is mentioned from Segway – I get the satisfaction that there’s one less car.

    I hope to pass along good useful information to anyone in the Toronto area interested in my experiences and opinion.


    I’m glad your team is learning and doing better. And no, I don’t like carnies.

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