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4kblue.jpgI’ll tell ya now – I’d rather have an “E Motorbike” than a E-Bike. There’s something about traveling much much slower than traffic that scares the willies out of me. On the other hand, my friend, who I’ll call “Frenchie” says; “Yes, but with an E-Bike you can park anywhere and you don’t need a plate or insurance”. To him I say, but I want speed!!!

EVT has been around for years and years, and EVT Canada has been operating in BC for, well, years too. They make the standard “E-Bike” that we talk about here, but, they also have “real”, licensable, insurable machines.

These babies will sustain 40Km/hr for 80’ish Km and will zoom up to 50 Km/hr if you need to, (which would be really really handy on Don Mills Road).

48Volts @ 50Amps attached to a 1.5Kw motor. Go baby go! I love the disc brakes too!

Here in Ontario there is currently no place to buy them, but if you could, you’d need a M class license and insurance. Their Z-20 model’s specifications look awesome.

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3 Comments on “EVT Canada @ Greener Living Show”

  1. veloteq Says:

    The biggest drawback to the EVT is the tremendous weight of the power supply Veltoteq will inttroduce two models of MVSA Compliant E-motorbikes for on-road licensed use next year after the NiZn power supplies are available. These will be manufactured in an all new Veloteq/PowerEagle facility in Shanghai using cell arrays furnished exclusively to us by Powergenix of California. We take it one step at a time.

  2. ebikerider Says:

    Please consider this a pre-order 🙂

  3. wallyinwhitby Says:

    I have found that using my e-bike has reduced my expectations about how fast I need to get places. [Maybe it is only the warm weather.] Speed was a concern at first but then then I adjusted to the fact that I was going as fast as a cyclist and didn’t have to take a shower when I got to work. And I was only spending 8 cents a day on fuel.

    Yesterday when I was driving our car, for the first time in a few days, my wife started complaining that I wasn’t driving agressively enough and was letting other drivers in . . . it was like I was still on my e-bike . . .

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