Another rider??!? (with no peddles)

060607095815s.jpgAnother day, another sighting. This time I spotted a guy riding a Chinese made/designed moped style E-Bike. Yellow, like the picture. This guy had taken off his peddles entirely and, worse, was driving his machine in a typical newb cyclist manner, scary.

My friend, if the police catch you without peddles it’s a hefty fine!

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4 Comments on “Another rider??!? (with no peddles)”

  1. Phil Goodfellow Says:

    I am interested in your comments about the pedals, because last week I removed my pedals because I found them unsafe. I found that when I turned, I repeatedly rubbed them against the pavement as they hang extra low in the closed position. I do carry the tools and the pedals with me at all times, so that I could reinstall them in about two minutes. But, I am interested in the grey area around the law which says that the ebike “must be equipped with pedals”

  2. ebikerider Says:

    Hi Phil,
    When I go around corners I make a point of putting my feet on the peddles so they don’t scrape on the road.

    “Equipped with peddles” is a bit vague, isn’t it? But, imho, it isn’t something I’d like to explain to a police officer. “Wups, they’re in the trunk” isn’t going to go over very well.

    I’ve been meeting with a number of police officers, all of which think my Veloteq is “cool” – yet none of them can answer my one “burning” question: passenger yes or no, though the majority clearly think it would be ok. Also; I now have firm documentation that our Veloteq’s can be considered a “bicycle built for two” – interesting, huh?

  3. cleanrider Says:

    Yah, I’ve seen people riding on sidewalks and going through stop signs. I know how tempting it is but that will spoil it for the rest of us.

  4. grover335 Says:

    I was pretty sure 2 on the bike was a no no, but check the Queen’s Park announcement. I think it’s there, isn’t it?

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