Read This, eh!

wordmark.gifIf you’re really interested in the ebike pilot project, read this article from the Canada Gazette: Regulations Amending the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (Power-assisted Bicycles).

Link Here

Now I understand why there are some ebikes that’ll do 24 Km/hr and other’s that’ll do 32 Km/hr.

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2 Comments on “Read This, eh!”

  1. Phil Goodfellow Says:

    Matt, good link and article describing the ways inwhich the project was evaluated. I thought the quote below was very interested because it opposes of main reason I feel safe on my e-bike, which is the weight of the bike.

    During the test project, “The weight of the bicycle, not its speed was the main cause of riders’ feelings of insecurity. Surprisingly, there was a greater sense of security with power-assisted bicycles than with conventional bicycles because participants had more power from standing starts and could react faster in traffic. In addition, participants were more likely to obey stop signs, since the electric motor made the bicycle easier to start again.”

    I find that the weight of the bike and its positive connection to the road allow me to “take-the-lane” and operate my e-bike in safe manner; rather than scurrying to the side of the road like I do on my bicycle.

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