165.6 Km

On my way home from lunch there was a police car behind me for a couple of minutes and it made my pulse beat a little quicker. Sure, I have that Bullfrog Power sticker on the rear, but … there will always be that one police officer that is having a really bad day. Today wasn’t that day.

I’m doing another experiment: I haven’t charged the battery since (Good) Friday and since then I’ve taken a lot of short trips, (about 5 – 10 Km each) over that past three/four days to see how the machine changes, if at all. I’m also working with what I will call “blipping”.

“Blipping” is when you get to speed, and, instead of using the built-in cruise control, you sort of flick the throttle so that you coast for a while. I try to coast to stop-signs and lights. I’m trying to figure out how much energy is returned through regenerative power. I called the maker in Texas, and they said, not that much 😦

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2 Comments on “165.6 Km”

  1. cleanrider Says:

    You’re right. I heard it described as a ‘trickle’ charge. The manual states that it helps with the lights and signals but not much. I always cut the power going down hills and approaching stop signs anyway.

  2. lockhughes Says:

    You are correct about the regen. It works better for much larger vehicles as to how much energy can be recovered… though I believe I read once that the Segway is pretty good at this.

    One thing where that “trickle charge” does pay back is in less wear to the mechanical brakes.

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